Financial Inclusion Focused Leading Indonesian Fintech JULO Launches 5-Minutes Instant Credit Facility - JULO Turbo

JULO Turbo

Indonesian fintech company JULO has launched JULO Turbo, an innovative instant virtual credit card product that provides a digital credit limit in just 5 minutes. A unique reengineered onboarding process leveraging digitalized verification, AI based credit scoring, big data and advanced analytics allows customers to get and to start using their virtual  credit card within minutes after downloading the JULO app.

Being the 4th largest nation in terms of population, Indonesia faces challenges related to a high underbanked population coupled with low credit card penetration which is estimated at  just 6 %. JULO Turbo aims to bridge these challenges.

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JULO Turbo is a breakthrough product, created with the objective of making financial inclusion even more convenient through rapid accessibility. It empowers customers to move from click to cash and from download to transaction in just a few minutes to manage any situation that requires immediate fund access. We have added a layer of speed to financial inclusion,” said Nimish Dwivedi, Chief Business Officer of JULO Group.

Education Financing

JULO Turbo can be accessed through any smartphone across Indonesia and provides a whole range of transaction options including bank transfers, e-wallet top ups, e-commerce payments, utility bill payments, phone credit top-ups and train ticket bookings. Recently, JULO has also launched an innovative education feature that allows customers to finance any education expense across any school, college or university nationwide with the aim of ensuring uninterrupted access to education for JULO’s valued customers.

This milestone showcases JULO commitment to its vision of empowering customers to improve their quality of life. ”For the last 6 years JULO has focused on accessibility of financial services and on financial inclusion. Now with incredibly fast digital credit access, JULO Turbo will help to accelerate  financial inclusion further,” said Adrianus Hitijahubessy, CEO & Co-founder of JULO.

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To date, JULO has a total lifetime disbursement of 725 million USD that has improved the lives of more than 1 million Indonesians. Suhaimin, 30 years old, stated his experience with JULO Turbo, “What a great product JULO Turbo is.  I got a  500 thousand rupiah limit ready to use in just 5 minutes”. Besides the convenience of fast approval, JULO Turbo also provides an unmatched level of data security with ISO 27001:2013 certification of data safety.

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#SiapMelesat Cashless with JULO!

Fun fact: JULO Digital Credit is few of credit provider pioneer that is accessible nationwide!

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